1965 Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch Ref. ST105.012


Model features

IT'S FROM 1965

And that means it's the official watch of NASA. For most of us, this is as close as we can get to Neil Armstrong, being the actual watch that he wore to the moon — a 105.012-65.


It is powered by the legendary caliber 321, the Lemania movement that was the base of the 2130. The column wheel activated chronograph movement is one of the most reliable and beautiful movement to ever be conceived.


Our watch has the correct Dot diagonal 70 / Dot over 90 bezel for a pre-1970 Speedmaster. Further it is a ghost DON bezel meaning that over the years it has faded from black to an amazing silver grey that still bears distinct tachymeter markings.


We'd also love for you to wear it like a Gemini or Apollo astronaut would. It comes with the exceptionally rare JB Champion steel mesh bracelet, with the addition of two NATO straps, Velcro and Horween Cordovan.