1969 Speedmaster Tribute to Apollo XI Ref. BA 145.022


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Model features


You can't go wrong with vintage yellow gold, and especially not with a watch as storied as the Speedmaster. The very first 32 of these watches were presented to NASA astronauts to celebrate Apollo XI’s conquest of the moon. More notably, it was an Omega Speedmaster strapped on Buzz Aldrin's watch during their landing that earned it the "Moonwatch" nickname.


Its dial was unique amongst Speedies because of its square black markers, and framed in a charming burgundy DON bezel. The solid caseback is adorned with the words 'The First Watch Worn on the Moon' in red lacquer writing. Only 1,014 pieces were made.


"OM" or, "Or Massif" in abbreviated form on the bottom of the 1969 Yellow Gold Omega Speedmaster Tribute to Apollo XI Reference BA 145.022. This is in French which is translated to mean "solid gold".


Powered by the caliber 861, it is a modern update of the original caliber 321 that went to the moon. Besides switching out the column wheel for a shuttle cam, several components were made from special alloys to better resist the extreme temperature variation in space.