Big Crown Bronze Pointer Date


Model features

Oris' Story

As a watch that has been part of Oris' offering since its inception in 1938, the Big Crown Pointer Date is a watch that encapsulates the brand's complete story through the 20th century and into the 21st.

The Living Metal

Bronze is often called the living metal. The metal is known to patinate over time marking the milestones of the life that it lives on your wrist.

Unique Dial, Unique Watch

The bronze dial of the Oris Big Crown Bronze Pointer Date is chemically treated and coated with a transparent matt lacquer to create a unique finish for every piece. Meaning to say that every Oris Big Crown Bronze Pointer Date is basically a one of its kind.

Strap In

As a way of thanking you for your purchase here on Shop.Revolution.Watch, we will include an extra Revolution leather strap with your watch