Laurent Ferrier Steel Galet Micro-Rotor Salmon Dial for Revolution


Model features

One-Off in Steel

In the wake of the success of the 12-piece limited edition, Laurent Ferrier Classic Origin for Revolution & The Rake and the launch of the Revolution Watch Bar, in Singapore, we are proud to present you with an exclusive opportunity to acquire an exemplary one-off execution of Laurent Ferrier’s Galet Micro-Rotor in steel and with the watchmaker’s signature, Salmon dial.

The Dial

Sector dials were designed in the 1920s as a way of more clearly delineating time and were used on both wristwatches and pocket watches. They featured a circular track where the hour indexes would radiate outward. This means that the hour hand would align perfectly with this track and there could be no mistaking its placement. The Laurent Ferrier Steel Galet Micro-Rotor Salmon Dial for Revolution (1-of-1) has a dial that is inspired by this historical design. The hands on the watch are Ferrier's typical Assegai hands with a heated blued treatment.

The Movement

The movement powering the watch is the Calibre FBN 229.01. The brilliance of the movement starts with its double direct impulse on the balance, an exclusive double direct-impulse escapement in silicon directly on the balance, which was inspired by the father of modern horology, Abraham-Louis Breguet. Thanks to the excellent efficiency of this escapement, the automatic timepiece is in turn made more efficient, thanks to the reduced torque required to wind its mainspring.