Reservoir Hydrosphere Bronze x Revolution “The Maldives Edition”

Limited edition: 100 items
Additional NATO strap provided, mounted on bronze stirrups to be delivered at a later date; a third ZULU strap with bronze hardware.

Model features

Maldives Ready

To celebrate the launch of our first physical retail shop in the beginning of 2021 in the diving and water sports mecca that is the Maldives, we decided with Reservoir to create a very special version of the Hydrosphere — one that evokes the sun as it dips into the water. The setting sun is a promise that it will rise once again tomorrow, bringing with it a brand-new day. It symbolises the beginning of 2021, a year that we know will bring a renewal of hope, optimism and prosperity to the world.

Bronzed Beauty

The use of bronze gave our Hydrosphere the sense that it was an artifact from a Jules Verne fantasy. We loved the idea of this watch developing a beautiful patina because it would be used in the stunning blue waters of the Maldives. To complement the bronze case, we found a dial with the perfect colour of the sunset, and complemented by a beautiful sunray effect emanating from the centre. Then, we found the perfect tone of brown ceramic for the bezel insert.

Dive Watch Like No Other

Reservoir has created the very first dive watch bezel that functions perfectly with his retrograde-minute indicator. It works like this. The bezel features two sets of indicators. The ones in red are for use up to 45 minutes and the ones in blue are for use after 45 minutes. OK, so what exactly does this mean? Try the following: Imagine your Hydrosphere’s minute hand is at the 46-minute marker. Now you turn the bezel so that the red pearl aligns with 46 minutes. OK, now you can submerge underwater. Checking the bezel at the end of the 59th minute, the minute hand will leap back to zero where it now aligns with the blue indications on the bezel, telling exactly the correct elapsed time. If you set the start point on the 47th minute, the blue indication automatically moves forward by one minute, meaning that the bezel functions flawlessly to show elapsed dive time. It also means that the bezel turns in only one direction, such that if you accidentally nudge the bezel you can only shorten dive time; not accidentally increase it, which could be dangerous. And because all dive watches need to have either a seconds hand or running indication, Moreau has placed a subseconds disc on the same axis as the minute hand, to show you that the watch is running.

Limited Edition of 100 Examples

The Reservoir Hydrosphere Bronze x Revolution “The Maldives Edition” will be made in a limited edition of 100 pieces and is priced at USD 4,400. The watch is fitted with a rubber strap screwed onto watch body. Additionally a NATO strap is provided along with bronze stirrups that can be mounted to the case. The NATO strap will only be shipped to you at a later date. It also comes with a waterproof case that serves as a watchbox and contains a print of an original artwork by Alain Bouldouyre, commissioned by Reservoir to tell the story of our collaboration in the lush and wonderous Maldives.