Pre-Owned Royal Oak Tradition d'Excellence Cabinet No. 4

Item No. ROTEC No. 4

Model features


As tributes to the technical genius of the company founders, every Cabinet watch represents the state-of-the-art in a certain aspect or genre of watchmaking. The Cabinet No.4 comes from the ultra-exclusive Tradition d'Excellence collection meant to showcase Audemars Piguet’s watchmaking skill and spirit. The exclusive series have been limited to just 20 pieces each, and all cased in platinum.


The Cabinet No.4 is Audemars Piguet making a better, more precise chronograph starting at the hands with coupling lever fashioned from lightweight titanium, and the start/stop of the chronograph hand is made more instant and precise.


Timekeeping stability is maintained by having one of the larger tourbillons in its day: the cage measures 12.3mm and the balance wheel is 10mm across. Considering the energy requirements of spinning the massive caged escapement, the 10-day run time is doubly impressive, supplied by the barrels at ‘12’ and ‘6’ running in parallel..


Clad in full platinum down to its wonderfully finished bracelet, the Cabinet No.4’s heft is a comforting, ever-present reminder of the unique and ingenious engineering worked into the watch.