NOS Tiger Prince Date Chronograph Ref. 79260


Model features

The Fourth Coming

The Prince Chronographs were Tudor’s fourth series of chronographs. The 79200 series were launched in 1995 and had a much sleeker case compared to earlier Tudor chronographs. Much like the Daytonas of the era, the Princes wore a low profile on the wrist with the introduction of the sapphire crystal.

Arabic Dial

Tudor introduced a new dial version with the Prince Chronos. Alongside the applied baton marker dials, they also offered dials with printed Arabic markers.

The Tiger Tudor

Before Tiger Woods was a Rolex Testimonee, he was a Tudor Ambassador. Keen to make as much of this relationship as possible, Tudor placed Tiger's name on some of their sports watches including the Prince Chronograph and the dive watches.

Bezel References

The 79260 is distinguished by its black tachymeter bezel. There were three different bezel types on the Tudor Chronos, each with a different reference number.